Washington, December 1: US's secret squad has reportedly retrieved at least nine UFOs (Unidentified Objects), some in damaged and two in intact conditions over the years. According to Daily Mail, several sources told the publication that the "non-human craft" was obtained by a division of the Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA) science team known as the Office of Global Access (OGA).  There are reportedly "at least nine non-human craft" in possession of the US government, said one of the potential whistleblowers.

The operation headed by the CIA has been active since 2003, reported Daily Star. "CIA has a system to discern UFOs while they’re still cloaked, and upon UFOs touching down on Earth, specialized military units are dispatched to recover the remnants", the media outlet cited one of the sources. UFO Retrieval: David Grush Claims US, China and Russia Are in Secret ‘Arms Race’ to Recover Crashed Alien Spacecrafts For 'Extraterrestrial Tech'.

An additional informant mentioned in Daily Mail that the OGA functions as a "facilitator," enabling the US military to clandestinely access locations globally that would typically be beyond anybody's reach. The OGA also retrieves nuclear weapons and downed stateliness, it added. 'UFO' Sighting in Manipur: Indian Air Force Scrambled Two Rafale Fighter Jets to Search for Unidentified Flying Object Spotted Over Imphal Airport (Watch Video).

Further details reveal that the OGA, in joint operation with Special Operations Forces such as SEAL, carry out such missions. OGA is reportedly tasked to "protect the secrecy" of the retrieval while the operation is carried out by the US military. The "non-human" craft is subsequently moved to "private hands".  These sources were reportedly directly involved in the retrieval mission.

At least "nine non-human spacecraft" have been successfully recovered by the US government, said a whistleblower. These revelations come after David Grusch, in an interview, claimed that the "US government is involved in a multi-decade-old secret recovery mission and is under the possession of non-human spacecraft".

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