Montana, May 19: Montana announced the ban on TikTok yesterday, citing national security concerns. Today, it is facing a lawsuit by TikTok creators. The new lawsuit argues that the ban infringes upon their First Amendment rights. This has ignited a new debate about the popular social media app in the US.

The state of Montana banned TikTok along with several other Chinese apps. While the app reiterated its commitment to defending Users’ Rights, TikTok creators immediately took the legal course. They claim the new ban is unconstitutional and violates their freedom of speech. Instagram Down Today: Meta-Owned Photo and Video Sharing App Suffers Outage For Second Consecutive Day, Users Unable to Log In.

TikTok creators also questioned the ban on a communication platform as means of improving foreign policy or national security.

The lawsuit's result will likely dictate TikTok's future in the US. There is bound to be a huge debate about state regulations, First Amendment rights, and the protection of user rights. It might require federal court intervention at some point. TikTok Ban: Montana Becomes First US State To Ban Chinese Video-Sharing App ‘To Protect Residents’ Private Data From Chinese Communist Party’.

The ban in Montana is slated to take effect in 2024. Due to Chinese ownership and data security concerns, TikTok has been in trouble in many countries. It is already banned in India. We will have to wait and see how the new lawsuit influences the app restrictions in the US.

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