New Delhi, May 29: Software engineer, system engineer and programming analyst are the top jobs for fresh graduates in India as design, analytics and programming are still the top skills for entry-level roles, a report showed on Wednesday.

On-site roles are declining by 15 per cent and hybrid positions are surging by 52 per cent for entry-level roles (year-over-year). This job landscape shift provides fresh graduates with a wider range of work arrangements to choose from and pursue, said the report by professional network LinkedIn. Utilities is the fastest-growing industry for young professionals with a Bachelor's degree. Samsung Labor Strike: Unionised Workers Plan To Go on Strike With Company Amid Stalled Wage Negotiations.

Other top industries hiring fresh graduates include oil, gas and mining, real estate, equipment rental services, and consumer services. Additionally, those without a Bachelor's degree have plenty of opportunities in the education, technology, and information and media sectors, the findings showed.

"Many skills today are transferable across industries, and the rise of AI is creating more tech-related roles across various fields, leading companies to seek professionals with diverse educational backgrounds,” said Nirajita Banerjee, LinkedIn Career Expert and India Senior Managing Editor. OpenAI Researcher Jan Leike Resigns From AI Company Over Disagreement With Leadership, Joins Rival AnthropicAI To Continue His Journey.

A growing number of Master’s degree holders are being hired as software engineers and data analysts. “Those without a degree can find fulfilling careers in roles like software engineer, secretary and design engineer,” the report mentioned.

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