Dr. Nicolas Slenkovich uses social media as part of his plastic surgery practice. In addition to marketing, he feels social media provides education. He recently shared more about how he uses social media to educate patients and the general public.

Dr. Slenkovich has been a practicing plastic surgeon for decades. He is double-board certified yet did not use social media until fairly recently. He explains, “My teenage daughter introduced me to social media several years ago.” Right from the start, he saw the potential of social media. He says, “I was instantly intrigued with its ability to connect people and provide an educational platform.”

Over the years, Dr. Nicolas Slenkovich has tried various social media strategies. Each confirmed that it can be incredibly educational. He now encourages patients to use social media in their decision-making process. He says that patients who do “are more aware of the surgery process – from preparation through post-surgical healing.” Dr. Slenkovich always educates clients before procedures. However, when they come into his practice with a base knowledge, it makes the process easier.

Dr. Slenkovich sees social media as more than an educational platform. He also uses it to help patients get to know him. He explains, “Because plastic surgery is an intensely personal decision, choosing a surgeon with whom you can identify is a key part of the process. Social media permits my patients to know me before they come to my office to meet me.” He also encourages patients to look at social media to see if his practice can meet their needs. He says “social media can help determine if a potential ‘fit’ exists between my surgery approaches and a patient’s goals.”

Dr. Nicolas Slenkovich’s marketing approach is very heavy on social media. He uses it to reach out to patients. This is done to share a “message of partnering with patients on their self-improvement journey.” He also uses social media for education and to show his passion for helping others.

Dr. Slenkovich is double-board certified in otolaryngology and plastic surgery. He entered plastic surgery to make a positive impact and serve others. He also takes a unique approach to plastic surgery. The priority is always the patient’s goals and situation. His practice only performs procedures after identifying these.

Dr. Nicolas Slenkovich uses social media to educate his patients and potential patients. His Instagram includes educational content and helps patients get to know him and his practice before making an appointment.