New Delhi, September 21: Elon Musk, the owner of X (formerly Twitter), on Thursday said that the long-form posts on the microblogging platform are receiving three billion views daily and growing. "Long-form posts on this platform are now at 3 billion views per day and rising," Musk posted on X. He further compared the growth with all the newspaper article views available on Earth, saying, "This is roughly on par with all newspaper article views on Earth". Elon Musk's X Platform Worse in Social Media For Combating Climate Change Misinformation: Reports.

Several users expressed their thoughts on this new development. "Impressive growth! It's evident that users are seeking more in-depth content and meaningful insights on this platform," a user wrote. "Been posting long forms since it became a thing. Absolutely love being express myself with more words and being able to share value packed and informative content," another user said. One more user mentioned, "Looking forward for long form videos statistics". X Payments Feature Coming Soon; Audio and Video Calls Too, Confirms CEO Linda Yaccarino (Watch Video).

Meanwhile, when a user asked Musk to ban inactive users or accounts on X, he assured the user that this would soon happen. "@elonmusk can we please ban inactive users or at least give inactive users usernames some type of availability, a lot of usernames go to waste because of inactive accounts. I saw I think it was Ubisoft doing something similar to that soo," the user asked. "Coming soon," replied Musk.

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