Joe Biden's Winning Address To Nation: 'Will Seek To Unite, Not Divide. Time To Heal America' Says President-Elect, United States

WORLD Team Latestly|

President-elect Joe Biden declared it was ‘time to heal’ America in his first speech after prevailing on Saturday in a bitter election. This comes even as Donald Trump refused to concede Biden's victory in the battleground state of Pennsylvania. With this ended the four days of nail-biting suspense. "The people of this nation have spoken. They have delivered us a clear victory, a convincing victory," Biden told cheering supporters in a parking lot during his victory speech in his home town of Wilmington, Delaware. He was introduced by his running mate, US Senator Kamala Harris. She will be the first woman, the first Black American and the first American of Asian descent to serve as vice president, the country's No 2 office. Trump, who was golfing when the major television networks projected his rival had won, immediately accused Biden of "rushing to falsely pose as the winner. Trump has filed a raft of lawsuits to challenge the results. However, election officials in states across the country say there has been no evidence of significant fraud, and legal experts say Trump's efforts are unlikely to succeed.

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