Strawberry Supermoon On June 24: All About 2021's Last Supermoon

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A full moon will make a grand appearance on June 24 & it's widely been hailed as a Strawberry Supermoon. The last Supermoon of the year will appear on June 24, and it's expected to be the best one yet. So far this year there have been three Supermoons & the fourth one comes hot on the heels of a solar eclipse. Supermoons appear bigger and brighter than normal full moons. It will set in the southwest at about 4.58 am, hopefully, a clear sky will also make it easier to view. This is the fourth & final super moon of the year and is expected to be the largest, brightest & lowest full moon of them all. The supermoon will appear as the biggest full moon as it will be at a closer point to the Earth in the orbit. The best way to see the Strawberry Supermoon clear is to walk to a top of a hill that has a clear view, away from trees, the higher up you go the better. When a moon is at its closest point to the earth, within 90%, it is known as a Supermoon, Astrologer Richard Nolle explained this in 1979. We typically experience three to four Supermoons a year. Despite some colourings of moons appearing with a red hue, this is not why it's not called a Strawberry moon. In fact, it was named the Strawberry moon by Native American tribes as this time of year is when wild strawberries would usually ripen and be picked.

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