Tuvalu Minister Simon Kofe Addresses COP26 Glasgow Conference Standing In Knee-Deep Seawater

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Simon Kofe, Tuvalu's foreign minister, gave a speech to the United Nations climate conference in Glasgow standing knee-deep in seawater. Kofe chose to give the speech standing in knee-deep seawater to show how his low-lying Pacific island nation is on the front line of climate change, reported Reuters. Simon Kofe was dressed in a suit and tie with his trouser legs rolled up. Pictures of Kofe knee-deep in water have gone viral. He said, “The statement juxtaposes the COP26 setting with the real-life situations faced in Tuvalu due to the impacts of climate change and sea level rise and highlights the bold action Tuvalu is taking to address the very pressing issues of human mobility under climate change.” Watch the video to know more.

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