Mark Ruffalo Birthday Special: 5 Best Roles of the Hulk Actor

By Rohit RajputNovember 22, 2022
Image Credit: Wikipedia

Bruce Banner/Hulk (Marvel Cinematic Univer)

Ruffalo's turn as Marvel's hulking monster has been a huge highlight of his career.

Image Credit: Marvel Studios

Dave Schultz (Foxcatcher)

Playing the real life Olympic gold medalist, Ruffalo's performance as wrestler Dave Schultz made for quite the interesting watch.

Image Credit: Sony Pictures

Dan Mulligan (Begin Again)

Starring alongside Keira Knightley, Ruffalo plays a music producer named Dan Mulligan in this feel-good romp.

Image Credit: Twitter

Dave Toschi (Zodiac)

Trying to investigate the case of the Zodiac killer, Ruffalo as Dave Toschi is an inspired casting that became a highlight of this thriller.

Image Credit: Paramount Pictures

Michael Rezendes (Spotlight)

Trying to bring the truth about the sexual abuse of children by Catholic priest, Michael Rezendes is Ruffalo's best work yet.

Image Credit: Open Road Films