Christmas 2021: Four Classic Cocktails To Raise the Spirits This Holiday Season

By Team LatestlyNovember 30, 2021
Image Credit: Hippopox

Mulled Wine Cocktail

Mulled Wine Cocktail, a spiced wine is just the right drink to add warmth to your celebrations.

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Classic Cranberry Punch

Christmas drinks have to have its red flavour and colour, so cranberry juice comes in here. A little sparkling wine or rum, depending on your drink preferences, and you good to go.

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White Christmas Mojito Cocktail

If you want a sweet flavoured non-red drink this Christmas then coconut milk and vodka-based White Christmas mojito is a great option to chug on.

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Christmas Party Cocktails

You got not one but nine different cocktail recipes to choose from. So decide what's going to be your holiday potion and raise your glasses to the spirits of the occasion.

Image Credit: Hippopox