Must-Try Monsoon Food: 8 Scrumptious Eatables To Satisfy Your Taste Buds in This Rainy Season

By Purvi KhemaniJune 22, 2022
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Be it onion rings or aloo bhajiya, pakodas are the go-to food that every monsoon lover craves for. Yes, chai with pakoda is the perfect snack for a rainy evening.

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Triangle-shaped patties? Oh no no! Just samosas. Most of us love rain only because we get to eat so many samosas without keeping the count.

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Too much to handle? Not at all! What a deadly combination of kachori served with green chutney! A proper drooling delicacy!

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Bhutta (Corn Kernel)

How can we not mention bhutta when we mention baarish! Just need a bit of salt and red chilli powder with some lemon to have the perfect vibe of the season.

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Steamed or fried, doesn't matter! Who doesn't want to have a plate full of hot momos with its spicy chutney! Pure delight!

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Vada Pav

Who won't love rain when they have a vada pav in hand? Just need a couple of green chillies to gulp it instantly!

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Noodles or maggi got another purpose than to fulfill our midnight cravings! Aren't you drooling, yet?

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Why not something sweet to end! It's definitely going to sweeten your monsoon mood like no other!

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