Toronto, January 7: A 16-year-old passenger onboard an Air Canada aircraft attacked a family member, causing an unanticipated disturbance. According to a report by USA Today, the unexpected scenario forced a severe diversion and resulted in a three-hour wait for the passengers. According to a news release from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the incident happened on Air Canada Flight 137, which was travelling from Toronto to Calgary. At 12:20 pm local time, authorities reported to the Winnipeg Richardson International Airport that an aircraft had been diverted to Winnipeg due to "an unruly passenger on board who had assaulted a passenger."

"The investigation has determined that Air Canada flight #137 was en route from Toronto to Calgary, when a 16-year-old male passenger, from Grande Prairie, assaulted an adult male passenger who was identified as a family member", stated the local police. Qantas Flight Brawl: Man Attacks, Threatens to Stab Crew Member, Passengers Inside Aircraft, Detained.

The 16-year-old was detained, according to the authorities, by other passengers and airline employees. Additionally, they said that the teenager was taken into custody and sent to the hospital for a medical evaluation and that the family member was treated for "minor physical injuries" sustained during the journey. There have been no more reports of injuries, and the attack's motivation is still unknown. But before the aircraft could proceed to Calgary, there was a three-hour wait. IndiGo Flight Attendants Fight With Passenger Old Video Goes Viral: 5-Year-Old Clip of Airline Staff Misbehaving With Elderly Man Doing Rounds on Twitter, Here's What Had Happened in 2017.

In the meanwhile, Air Canada has been in the headlines recently. A British Member of Parliament said in October that his name prevented him from boarding an Air Canada aircraft. Along with a number of other MPs from the Commons Housing, Communities, and Levelling Up Committee, Bedford Labour MP Muhammad Yasin was about to depart for Canada; nevertheless, he was taken into custody to be questioned further. "Because his name was Muhammad," he was informed.

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