Mumbai, February 5: A former US Army helicopter pilot has made sensational claims that he spent 92 days with aliens on a UFO when he was a child and later in the 1980s. Alex Collier, who said he is a contactee of an alien race called the Andromedians, claims that he spoke to two extraterrestrials named Vissaeus and Moroanay, who revealed to him secrets of the universe and the US military.

According to a report published by Daily Express, Collier said that his first encounter with the aliens happened in the 1960s when he was playing hide and seek with his cousins at his grandfather’s house. He claimed he fell asleep in a barn and woke up in a dark room on a UFO, where he met Vissaeus and Moroanay. Alien Invasion: US Not Ready for Extraterrestrial Attack, Says Pentagon Watchdog.

Ex-US Army Pilot Claims To Have Met Aliens

He said he had to wear a special belt to communicate with them telepathically and that they treated him kindly and taught him about their culture and history. He says he spent nearly three months with them on the UFO, during which time they travelled to different planets and dimensions. He said he was returned to his grandfather’s house without anyone noticing his absence.

Collier said he met the aliens again in the 1980s when they contacted him through dreams and visions. He says they told him that they were his ancestors and that they wanted to warn him about the dangers facing humanity. He added they told him that humans are only looking at one dimension of space and that there are 100 trillion galaxies in the multiverse, each with life forms and ancient civilisations. UFO in Antarctica? Google Maps User Says Spotted '12-Metre-Wide Alien Spacecraft'.

'Humans Not Alone in Universe'

Collier said the aliens also told him that humans are not alone in the universe and that there are many other alien races, some of them benevolent and some of them malevolent. He added they told him that humans are going to find alien ruins everywhere in space as they explore the cosmos.

Collier also claimed that the aliens told him that the US Army is 400 years more technologically advanced than what the public knows and that they have reverse-engineered alien technology and have secret bases on the moon and Mars. He said they told him that the US Army is involved in a covert war with some of the hostile alien races and that they have made treaties with others.

He said they also told him that humans are the only species that uses money and that money is a form of slavery and control. He says Vissaeus called money “paper with pictures on it”.

Collier further added he has proof of his claims, such as photographs, videos, and documents, but he has not shared them publicly yet. He says he has faced harassment and threats from the government and other groups who want to silence him. He said he is sharing his story to raise awareness and to help humanity evolve and ascend to a higher level of consciousness.

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