Tel Aviv, July 23: Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, on Saturday night (local time), reportedly arrived at Sheba Medical Center and the procedure of implanting a cardiac pacemaker has begun, Times of Israel reported. Earlier, on his Twitter account, Netanyahu posted a video where he said that he was feeling “excellent” and that he is adhering to his doctors’ advice.

Not more than a week ago, Netanyahu was hospitalized for dehydration and had a heart monitoring device implanted, the premier says that the device beeped earlier in the evening, which necessitates immediate surgery to implant a pacemaker, a device that prevents one’s heart from beating too slowly. Benjamin Netanyahu Health Update: Israel PM Brought to Hospital After Briefly Losing Consciousness at Home.

In the video, Netanyahu said that his medics told him he’s expected to be released tomorrow (July 23) from Sheba Medical Center in Ramat Gan in time to take part in potential votes on the coalition’s controversial “reasonableness” bill, reported Times of Israel. The Knesset begins debating the bill tomorrow morning, ahead of its second and third (final) readings, expected Monday or Tuesday.

While Netanyahu goes for his surgery, Justice Minister Yariv Levin will serve as acting prime minister, ministers decide. The ministers are approving Levin’s nomination by phone, according to Times of Israel. Last week, The 72-year-old Israeli Prime Minister was rushed to Sheba Medical Center on Saturday following a dizzy spell. His office said that he was discharged from the hospital on Sunday after stating earlier that his test results were normal and that he was feeling “very good”. Benjamin Netanyahu Reverses Firing of Defense Minister Yoav Gallant Amid Tension in Israel.

PM Netanyahu had “completed a series of tests and is in excellent condition,” said Dr Amit Segev, Sheba’s head of cardiology.“ Our diagnosis, at the end of all the tests performed, including the laboratory tests, is that the reason for the hospitalization was dehydration,” Dr Segev said in a video statement, as per Al Jazeera. As part of the cardiological tests, Sheba opted for “a subcutaneous (implanted) Holter” on PM Netanyahu to “continue regular monitoring” of his heart, Dr Segev added.