Brasilia, November 27: In a horrifying accident that unfolded in Brazil, a woman tragically lost her life after she reportedly fell out of the bus window that she was travelling in and landed on train tracks. The 37-year-old Julia de Albuquerque Violato was riding a bus that ended up on the train tracks just as a massive freight train rapidly approached. Julia reportedly fell out of the bus window, onto the train tracks and was cut in half. The accident that happened in November, 2023 resulted in one fatality and five injuries. The distressing video was captured on camera from a car that was waiting at the railroad crossing.

As per The Mirror, Julia was delivering clothes to a charity shop in Brasilia, Brazil, at the time when the accident happened, right before her death. The video of the incident showed a freight train approaching the bus as it tried to cross the railway tracks. The train blared its horn loudly before it crashed with the bus. The victim was reportedly thrown out of the bus and ran over by the train. The area was cordoned off after the accident and the police have launched an investigation. Sinkhole Swallows Women Dancing At Birthday Party in Brazil; Video of Freak Accident Goes Viral.

The five other people that were injured are Nildete Antunes Vitor, Julio Botelho Fernandes, Janderson Rodrigues da Costa, and Pedro Domiense Campos and a 19-year-old girl whose identity was not revealed. The teen was swiftly taken to the hospital as she suffered from  concussions and a nervous breakdown  due to the traumatic crash and the subsequent scenes of chaos. BMW 3-Series Car Pierced Into by Guard Rail After Crash in Gujarat, Video of Heavily-Damaged Luxury Four-Wheeler Goes Viral.

The victim's mother, Ana Rosa blamed the driver of the bus for the death of her daughter, reported the publication. The 72-year-old claimed "it was not an accident, it was a crime". The bereaved mother fondly remembered how Julia would take care of her because despite being an active person she was elderly. "She always said she didn't want to die before me. She cared about me a lot and loved me so much", said the mother remembering the last moments spent with her child. The exact date and time of the incident remains unknown.

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