Brasilia, January 3: In a shocking turn of events, the body of Carlos Henrique Medeiros, a 26-year-old Brazilian YouTube star with over 1.75 million followers, was discovered buried in the backyard of his neighbours’ home who now claim he died during cocaine-fueled Christmas sex.

Medeiros had been reported missing on Christmas Day after he failed to return from a dinner with friends, reported New York Post. His family’s search ended when they found his T-shirt visible in a mound of dirt in the yard of the couple he had visited for the holidays. Sex Causes Death of Manatee in US: 38-Year-Old Hugh Dies of Injuries From 'High-Intensity' Sexual Encounter With Brother in Florida Aquarium.

The homeowners, Renan José, 28, and Caroline Mello, 24, who is pregnant, claimed that Medeiros died while doing drugs and having sex with Mello’s sister. Sex in Hospital Costs UK Nurse Her Job: Nurse Terminated From Service Over Affair With Patient Who Died of Heart Failure While Having Sex With Her.

According to Police Chief Luís Roberto Faria Hellmeister, the couple stated they buried Medeiros as they didn’t know what to do with his body. “He allegedly had an overdose while taking Caroline's sister to have sex in the bathroom. At the moment he was having an orgasm, he felt unwell and fell dead. That's what they said," the police chief added. 

The couple turned themselves into authorities in Itapecerica da Serra, outside São Paulo, on Sunday.

An autopsy is underway to determine the cause of death. The police have found no signs of stab wounds, strangulation, or gunshot wounds on the body. Depending on the autopsy results, the couple could face charges of concealing a corpse or homicide.

Medeiros’ sister, Cristiane Aparecida Medeiros, has expressed skepticism about the couple’s account of her brother’s death, questioning why they didn’t call an ambulance if he fell ill. Medeiros, known for his prank videos and skits, had a significant online following with 1.77 million subscribers on YouTube and 86,800 Instagram followers.

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