Nottinghamshire, November 28: Chocolates are considered as one of the finest delicacies that transcends borders and languages. For children as well as young adults chocolate bars are go to treats for every kind of celebration.  However, some people in UK had an unpleasant experience after consuming a certain type of chocolate which was allegedly being sold as "five for one pound mystery bars" in Nottinghamshire's Mansfield area Christmas markets on Saturday, November 25.  One person has been arrested as over 10 people, including five children reportedly fell ill after eating the chocolate that goes by the name "Cali-Gold".

People who consumed the chocolate took to social media and reported uneasiness and stress. One father claimed that his daughter and his niece were instantly taken ill after eating the chocolate. "They behaved as if like they were on drugs", wrote the man online. Another woman explained in a YouTube video that she and her husband were hospitalised as they fell sick after consuming "organic" chocolate from a gold packet. UK Shocker: Son Kills 61-Year Old Mother by Stabbing Her 100 Times During 'Drug-Fuelled Psychotic Episode' in Cornwall.

The series of occurrences prompted a collaborative investigation by the Food Standards Agency (FSA), Nottinghamshire Police, and other local authorities. The police have also issued an urgent warning to the public not to eat the chocolate that comes in gold foil. UK Shocker: Woman Chokes to Death on Stage During Marshmallow-Eating Challenge in South Wales.

While online reports suggest at the possibility that the chocolate may contain opioids (a class of drugs that contain heroin and fentanyl), Nottinghamshire police declined to confirm the presence of drugs in the candy bars.  Detective Inspector Luke Todd said that their is no proof to support the claims that the chocolate is laced with drugs. "An ongoing inquiry is in progress to determine the reason behind the reported illnesses", he added.

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