Copenhagen, March 3:  Danish and Austrian leaders emphasised on the need of re-vaccinating entire populations again and again in the coming years. The leaders of Denmark and Austria also criticised the European Union over the shortage of COVID-19 vaccines in their countries. Both countries want to move away from the dependency on the EU for the supply of the vaccine.

According to a report published in Sputnik News, the prime ministers of Denmark and Austria plan to partner with Israel over the common production of future vaccines against coronavirus and cooperation on research and treatment. The development came after Denmark, Austria ,and other European countries experienced delays in the supply of COVID-19 vaccine from  Pfizer/BioNTech, Moderna and AstraZeneca, reported Danish Radio. Notably, all these vaccines have been approved by the EU. COVID-19 Vaccination in Israel: Over 12,000 People Test Positive After Getting Pfizer Vaccine; Health Ministry Clarifies.

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz will reportedly team up with Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen to meet Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu for drawing up a long-term plan for vaccine cooperation against the deadly virus.  “Europe has not reached the goal of vaccinating our populations at the same rate as, for instance, the US, UK and Israel,” reported the Russian media house quoting Danish PM as saying. Meanwhile, Frederiksen clarified that plan to develop vaccine in corporation with Israel does not imply that her country is breaking away from the EU. Israel to Speed Up COVID-19 Vaccination Due to New Strain.

Notably, the number of people vaccinated against the Covid-19 virus in Israel has reached 4,649,709, the state's Ministry of Health said on Friday. Israel has thus vaccinated about 50 per cent of its population of about 9.3 million, since the vaccination campaign began on December 20, 2020, Xinhua news agency reported. The total number of coronavirus cases in Israel reached 769,971, of which 40,445 are active cases.

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