Buenos Aires, December 16: Police in Guaymallen in Mendoza province of Argentina, found the remains of Carlos Tonini, a pensioner, inside his home on December 13. Tonini's pack of 17 dogs had reportedly eaten him after he stopped feeding them following his death from unknown causes.

Investigators believe that Tonini had died a few days earlier and "was eaten by dogs because he was missing many parts,” The Mirror reported. Dog Attack in Russia: Pack of Stray Dogs Maul Class 3 School Girl in Novy Urengoy, Child Hospitalised With Severe Injuries.

Tonini's daughter, Susana Elizabeth Videla Tonini, told police that they had not spoken in two years after a family falling out. His neighbors said he was a loner who only shared his home with his dogs. An autopsy is to be held on his scant remains to establish a cause of death but police say there were no signs of violence. Siberian Tiger Attack in Russia: Big Cat That Allegedly Attacked and Dragged Dog Mauls Its Owner to Death After Man Traces Animal's Track in Khabarovsk.

In another incident, a nine-year-old girl named Dasha was mauled by four feral hounds in Novy Urengoy, Russia. The schoolgirl was walking along a street when she tried to befriend the pooches. The dogs pushed her to the ground and bit her for almost a minute.

One of the dogs was seen attacking her head, while the other two savaged her body. A fourth dog was also seen in the pack, although it did not join in with the attack. The girl was only helped when a passerby saw the horrifying assault and rushed to her aid, forcing the dogs to flee. The man was able to help the girl back up, and another local came to help.

Russian local media reported that the girl is now in hospital with “multiple severe injuries”. Things could have been fatal had she not been wearing thick winter clothes at the time due to the -22C temperatures.

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