Glasgow, February 11: A horrific incident in Bothwell, Lanarkshire, has left a woman with severe facial injuries after she tried to save her puppy from an attack by an 'XL Bully' type dog. The woman was reportedly walking her puppy when the aggressive dog, believed to be a bulldog or XL Bully, attacked her pet on Friday, February 9. In her attempt to rescue her puppy, she was bitten in the face, leading to serious injuries that required hospital treatment. Shockingly, the owner of the aggressive dog allegedly fled the scene, leaving the injured woman in distress.

According to a report by the Mirror, local authorities have launched an urgent investigation into the attack, as family members of the victim plead for the dog's owner to be apprehended. The incident has prompted a warning from the local Post Office to residents in the Silvertrees area, urging caution and alerting dog owners to the potential danger. The victim's relatives express anguish over the situation, calling for accountability from the dog's owner and seeking any information that could aid in the investigation. Dog Attack in Scotland: Large 'Bulldog-Type' Dog Shot Dead After It Attacks Two Men in South Lanarkshire's Hamilton.

The attack comes amidst heightened scrutiny surrounding XL Bully dogs following a recent fatal mauling in Essex, where pensioner Esther Martin lost her life. The breed, known for its strength and aggression, has come under increased regulation in both England and Scotland. In Scotland, new legal measures will require XL Bully owners to muzzle and leash their dogs in public places starting February 23. Dog Attack in UK: Woman Mauled By Her Roommate's Boyfriend's XL Bully in Her Own Home in Hull.

Additionally, breeding, selling, advertising, or abandoning XL Bully dogs will be prohibited, with penalties for non-compliance, including imprisonment and fines. As investigations into the Bothwell attack continue, authorities emphasise the importance of public vigilance and adherence to new regulations aimed at protecting communities from dangerous dog breeds. Meanwhile, the victim continues to receive medical treatment for her injuries.

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