Portland', December 6: A tragic incident unfolded in Portland's Oregon area in US, when a six-year-old boy was mauled to death by two large Dane-Mastiff mixes while he was getting ready for school. The incident took place at house of the boy's grandmother's friend on Tuesday, December 5. The woman whose identity has not been revealed was also injured in the savage attack.

As per New York Post report, police found the woman covered in blood when they responded to reports of a dog attack just after 7:40 am. The woman claimed that her large Great Dane-Mastiff mixes pounced on the child the moment he entered the garage following her. While the boy was declared dead at the scene, the family friend, sustaining minor injuries to her hands, was swiftly transported to a nearby hospital for medical attention. Dog Attack in US: Three-Month-Old Baby Killed by Pet Wolf-Dog in Alabama.

The boy's grandmother had reportedly dropped off the child at the owner's home to be taken to the school. This was a routine activity and an everyday arrangement between the families. The child was reportedly warned earlier to stay away from the dogs and the garage where they were kept, police said.

However, on the fateful day the boy had followed the woman to the garage where the dogs were kept. The dogs immediately jumped on the boy and mauled him to death. As per authorities there were no prior incidents or reports indicating that the dogs had posed any issues or problem. The dog pair has been taken into custody and one of them has been labelled as “primary aggressor". US Dog Attack: Family's 'Pet' Wolf-Hybrid Takes Life of Three-Month-Old in Alabama, Probe On.

According to the PPB Public Information Officer Mike Benner, the dog owner did everything she could to stop the attack and bring the situation under control. "She even grabbed a gun, but it never got so far. She did everything she could to save the boy's life", Mike Benner added. However, it remains unclear if the family friend will face charges.

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