Amsterdam, June 27: The Dutch Parliament on Tuesday approved the ban on burqa and niqab - the Islamic robes mostly in black - which cover all parts of the body barring the eyes.

The Upper Chamber of Dutch Parliament voted in favour of burqa and niqab ban -- the bill proposing which was moved by far-right senator Geert Wilders.

The populist Wilders' Freedom Party, headed by Wilders, hailed the move as "historic", further describing it as the "first step to de-Islamise the Netherlands".

The next on their agenda, added Wilders, is to "close down" all mosques in Holland.

Noteworthy, the ban on burqa and niqab will remain only on public transport, educational institutions and government buildings. Muslim women are free to wear the conservative dress at all other places, including the market. However, the police officers will be allowed to ask them to remove the burqa for facial recognition.

Commentators have pointed out that the ban is not as strict as the one enforced in neighbouring France and Belgium, where the burqa is not allowed to be worn even at the public streets.

The law passed by the Dutch Parliament, however, does not covers hijab - a Muslim dress code whereby the hair is entirely covered with cloth.

The left-leaning Green Party voted against the law, calling it a violation of religious freedom. Senator Ruard Ganzevoort of the Green Party said this would further force the Muslim conservative women and girls to abstain from public life. "It is completely disproportionate and the only effect will be that many of these women will stay at home even more," he said.

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