Naranjal, February 9: An Ecuadorian councilwoman, Diana Carnero, met a tragic fate as she was brutally executed in broad daylight shortly after concluding a council meeting. The 29-year-old Carnero, who was chairing the meeting and recording a video addressing the region's poor road conditions, was approached by two assailants on a motorcycle who fatally shot her in the head before fleeing the scene, leaving behind a traumatised crowd of onlookers.

As per a report by the Mirror, the incident, which occurred on Wednesday afternoon, February 7, has sent shockwaves throughout Ecuador and prompted widespread condemnation. Ecuadorian authorities, led by the Attorney General's Office, have initiated an investigation into the assassination of Diana Carnero. However, as of now, no arrests have been made, leaving the community and Carnero's family seeking answers and justice for her death. Ecuador: Riders Stuck on Rides After Power Outage at Amusement Park in Guayaquil, Video Goes Viral.

Diana Carnero, who was elected to the Naranjal city council in February 2023 under the Citizen Revolution Movement, was known for her dedication to serving her community. Her death has prompted an outpouring of grief and condemnation from political leaders and citizens alike. Former President Rafael Correa, under whose party Carnero ran for office, expressed his condolences on social media, describing her assassination as a "nightmare" and a loss for Naranjal and the entire nation. 'Dead' Woman Wakes Up in Coffin in Ecuador! 76-Year-Old Bella Montoya, Who Was Declared Dead, Revives and Knocks on Her Coffin During Her Wake.

As per multiple reports, the assassination of Diana Carnero is not an isolated incident in Ecuador's recent history. It adds to a series of targeted killings of politicians and public figures, raising concerns about the safety and security of elected officials in the country. Just months prior to Carnero's assassination, councilman Charbel Rouhana and Bolivar Vera were also killed under similar circumstances in separate incidents.

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