The crescent moon has been sighted in all parts of western and eastern Europe, along with the United States. Eid al-Fitr in US, UK, Albania, Macedonia, Azerbaijan and Chechnya will be celebrated on June 15. 

Eid al-Fitr will be celebrated tomorrow in the United Kingdom. Although the sighting of moon is awaited, a large section of the Muslim populace in the Britain align their date of festival observation with the Saudi Arabia. Secondly, the International Astronomics Centre had predicted the Eid moon to be sighted with naked eye in the UK today. With Eid being observed in UK, the Muslim counterparts in Macedonia, Albania, Germany and other parts of Europe are also expected to observe Eid al-Fitr tomorrow.

Washington/London, June 14: Muslims in United States (US), United Kingdom - England, Scotland and Ireland - along with Europe's Albania, Macedonia, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Montenegro, Germany and Russia's Chechnya will attempt to sight the crescent moon of Eid. If the Hilal moon will be sighted, the month of Ramadan will come to an end and Eid-al-Fitr will be celebrated tomorrow. Stay tuned here for the live updates on Eid moon sighting from America, Great Britain and Europe.

The largest number of Muslims in Europe are based in the UK, forming 5 per cent of the population. While most among the Muslims in the Great Britain, Germany, Belgium and France are migrants from South Asia, the European nations of Spain, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina house ethnic caucasian Muslims.

Chechnya, the once militancy-hit region of Russia, is predominantly a Muslim autonomous region. Meanwhile, in the United States, Muslim form less than 1 per cent of the population.

A large section of Muslims in Europe and US await the decision taken by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). As seen over the past decades, several Muslims living in the West align their dates of Eid celebration with KSA.

The International Crescent Observation in United Kingdom (ICOUK), a group of Muslim researchers and ulemas, have appealed people to not to follow the dates of Middle East in a blind-sided manner. Instead, it has appealed the local populace to attempt sighting the moon between Asr and Maghrib prayers and submit their testament to the local mosque authorities in case of sighting the crescent. ICOUK has deployed its personnel in all parts of Britain to attempt spotting the moon this evening.