Florida Man Cuts Off Penis of Wife’s Lover With Scissors After Breaking Into His House in a Revenge Attack
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In a weird case of violent assault a 49-year-old man, Alex Bonilla from Florida attacked his wife's lover and chopped his penis off. The man broke into the house of the man and tied the man up at gunpoint. He then cut off his penis with a pair of scissors and tried to run away with it, as per reports by Daily Mail. The man has been arrested now Bonilla had allegedly fled the scene initially with the severed penis. The reports further suggest that two children were present in the house when this attack happened. Odisha Shocker: Woman Chops Off Husband's Genitals Over Suspicion of Extramarital Affair.

Reportedly, Bonilla had caught the victim and his wife having sex some weeks earlier and in a rage, he ended up committing the gruesome attack. Bonilla was charged with "aggravated assault and multiple other counts," as per reports and the victim is recovering from his injuries in the hospital. Bonilla is being held there on $1.25 million bond along with other charges. Mumbai Woman Chops Off Molester’s Genital in Dombivali, Rushes Him to Hospital.

While it is being said that he aimed to take revenge from the victim, the Gilchrist County Sheriff's Office said in a news release to Daily Mail that the "motive for this crime is still under investigation." However, reports have it that the assailant "was found to have caught the victim and [Bonilla's] wife during sexual intercourse." It is still not known what happened to the victim's penis and where did he actually take with him. The attacker is serving jail at Gilchrist County jail.