Harvard Law School Students Boycott Israeli Ambassador Dani Dayan's Address to Express Solidarity With Palestine; Watch Video
Harvard Law school students walkout during Israeli envoy's address | (Photo Credits: Twitter/@iskandrah)

New York, November 16: Students of the Harvard Law School boycotted the address of Israeli ambassador Dani Dayan as a mark of solidarity with the people of Palestine. Dayan, who is serving as Israel's consul-general in New York, was scheduled to deliver a speech on the legality of settlements in the land acquired by the nation over the last seven decades.

The incident took place on Wednesday, when the law major students collectively decided to boycott Dayan's address. The video of their protest walkout was later shared on social media. Palestine: Mahmoud Abbas Declared Fatah Party’s ‘Only Candidate’ for Upcoming Presidential Poll.

As per the footage, the students were seen standing up in uniformity as soon as Dayan took over the podium. They raised placards which read: "Settlements are war crime". After raising the placards, they staged a walkout.

Watch Video of Harvard Law Students' Walkout

Dayan, who was left to speak with nearly empty chairs, expressed disgust. "I remember doing this in kindergarten," the Israeli envoy was heard muttering.

The students' protest was lauded from several corners, with critics of the Israeli regime calling it a valorous act to expose "apartheid" regime. "Bravo to these students. I'm curious whether Harvard Law School hosts other foreign diplomats for talks on 'Here's Our Legal Strategy for Blatantly Violating International Humanitarian Law'?" remarked Matt Duss, Foreign Policy Advisor to US presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.