Heist at Ritz: $930,000-Worth Jewels of Saudi Princess Stolen From Her Suite at Paris' Super Luxury Hotel
File image of the Ritz super-luxury hotel in Paris | (Photo Credits: Getty)

Paris, Sept 11: In a major heist at the Ritz Hotel in Paris, jewels worth $930,000 were stolen from the suit in which a Saudi princess was staying. A police investigation has been launched to nab the suspected robbers.

The police has refrained from revealing the name of the princess based on her request. The alleged theft was carried out on Sunday night, when the princess was not in the suit. On her return, she could not find the jewellery.

In her complaint, the princess said there were no signs of force being used to break inside her room, which indicates that the heist could be an inside the job, involving a hotel employee.

This marks the second major case of loot at Ritz, where five axe-bearing thieves had broken in January, stealing jewellery worth millions of dollars from the display cases of the hotel's lobby.

However, the heist was a failed attempt as three robbers were nabbed by the security personnel inside, whereas, two others were chased and arrested by Paris police within minutes after the theft.

The area encompassing the Ritz is known for housing the most luxurious resorts and hotels in the world. A number of robbery has been attempted in the region over the past few years.

A prominent case was reported in October 2016, when American TV star Kim Kardashian was robbed of her jewellery, worth millions of dollars, at nearly 10 minute-walk away from the Ritz.