Tel Aviv, December 30: The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said on Saturday that its troops have raided a Hamas military intelligence headquarters at Khan Younis in southern Gaza as they are pushing into the area. The IDF in a statement said that the raid was conducted by the IDF's 7th Brigade Combat Team and the Givati Brigade Combat Team. Israel-Hamas War: 21,110 Palestinians Killed and 55,243 Injured in Israeli Attacks Since October 7 in Gaza, Says Health Ministry.

According to IDF, the centre was responsible for all the intelligence operations of Hamas in the area. The Israeli army also uncovered the location of a Palestinian Islamic Jihad headquarters during the raids at the centre in Khan Younis. The IDF said that its elite Gaviti Brigade has raided many Hamas infrastructures in the area and eliminated terrorists who were preparing to attack Israeli forces through sniper and tank fire. Israel-Hamas War: Gaza Sports Body Claims ‘IDF Killed Hundreds of Players, Destroyed Stadia and Sports Clubs’.

The brigade also used several UAVs to eliminate armed terrorists and targets such as a weapons production site of Hamas. The 98th division of the IDF carried out attacks to clear the ground at Khan Younis of Hamas military structure for advancing into southern Gaza. The IDF said that it has also carried out 50 airstrikes on Saturday at Hamas targets including tunnel networks.

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