Jerusalem, December 1: When Hamas militants barged in and began firing at the rave party in the Negev desert in Israel, Mia Schem and her companions were dancing. The 21-year-old was wounded in the arm as she attempted to escape but was finally apprehended and held captive. As part of the agreement for a truce between Israel and Hamas, Mia was eventually freed on Thursday, November 30, after being held captive for 54 days.

Mia, who is also French, was shown hugging her mother and brother as they were reunited at the Israeli military installation of Hatzerim, according to photos posted by the office of the prime minister of Israel. Israel-Hamas Ceasefire Deal: Israeli Government Confirms Receiving First-Stage Hostage Release List.

Mia was acknowledged worldwide after she made an appearance in a Hamas video and asserted that the captives were receiving good treatment. The tattoo artist was receiving care from an unnamed medical professional in the video. She also requested to be sent back to her family as quickly as possible in the video.

21-Year-Old Hamas Hostage Mia Schem Returns Home

"Hi, I'm Mia Schem, 21 years old from Shoham. Currently, I'm in Gaza. I was seriously injured in my hand. I underwent surgery on my hand at the hospital for 3 hours. They are taking care of me, giving me medicine, everything is fine", she said in the clip released by Hamas earlier. I only ask that they bring me home as soon as possible to my parents, to my siblings. Get me out of here as soon as possible, she added. 'They Were Very Friendly': Freed Hostage Yocheved Lifshitz Says Hamas Militants Took Care of All Needs of Hostages, Slams IDF for Not Taking 'Warning' Seriously (Watch Videos).

The 78-second video was posted by Hamas on their Telegram channel one month ago. France denounced it and encouraged Mia's mom Keren to call a public conference demanding her daughter's release. However, Mia Schem's family denied what was depicted in the film and stated that a veterinarian operated on her hand.

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