Rome, December 3: The Garisenda tower in Bologna, Italy, has been leaning for almost millennia. But its stability is now in question. The city has launched a civil protection plan to prevent the “sudden and unexpected collapse of the tower,” a landmark of the Bologna skyline since the 12th century.

A metal barrier will be set up to “stop the debris from a possible collapse, to protect the nearby buildings and people, and to block the access to the restricted area,” the city council said in a statement. The barrier will be attached to the ground and have special metal nets to prevent rockfalls, which will also be fixed to the ground. Lion Takes Stroll on Streets of Ladispoli in Italy After Escaping From Circus, Gets Captured Later; Videos of Wild Animal Wandering in Residential Areas Go Viral.

A 27-page report shared with CNN by the scientific committee that has watched the site since 2019 warned of a possible collapse. It puts the site on “high alert” and says that experts “think that it is no longer safe to work on or around the tower, except within the civil protection plan.” The site’s monitoring in the last month showed an “unexpected and fast” increase of “crushing” pressure to the base of the tower, with the stone covering the base slowly breaking and the brick above cracking more, it says.

The works already in progress have been stopped, and a no-entry zone will be made “as soon as possible.” But the tower is not about to collapse right away, a spokesperson told the media outlet. “We’re preparing for the worst-case scenario but that doesn’t mean it will happen,” he said, adding that the measures are on “yellow” alert not red, where collapse is certain. Mount Etna Eruption in Italy Video: Catania Airport in Sicily Halts All Flights After Volcano Erupts and Spews Ash.

"We’re preparing for the collapse, but no one knows when that could be – it could be three months, 10 years, or 20 years. “If there was a clear risk of collapse we’d evacuate everyone,” he said, adding that the monitoring equipment gives readings every 15 minutes, so they should get a warning of a collapse, and can clear the area.

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