Mumbai, August 24: After a bombing in Pyongyang, Kim Jong-un surrounded himself with more bodyguards and is now preparing to thwart an assassination attempt against his life. Two months ago, there was an explosion in the capital of North Korea that may have been an accident or part of a theft.

Fearing for his life, the dictator now carries security guards with briefcases because he is "feeling uneasy about his safety" and there are allegations that the bomb was an attempt on his life. North Korea Leader Kim Jong Un Dismisses His Military Chief, Calls for War Preparations Ahead of US-South Korea Military Drills.

As noted by North Korean analyst Michael Madden, there was a "tightening of security measures" after the bombing, and there is a reason why tyrant Kim's guards wore briefcases. There's no denying that security measures surrounding Kim Jong-un have tightened, he told the news portal Daily Star.

Ballistic bags or ballistic briefcases are the names given to these. They're constructed from carbon fibre. Not only are they impervious to bullets, but they also offer defence against electronic weapons such as tasers. Officials might pull out their briefcases and form a barrier in the event of an attack on Kim Jong-un thanks to the bulletproof boxes' ability to spread out into a shield, he added.

The researcher has already identified two instances in April when the despot from North Korea was observed utilising the guards carrying briefcases. Following a tour of the North Korean space agency and a ribbon-cutting ceremony in Pyongyang, which were both accompanied by hordes of guards, there has been conjecture on the reason behind the bombing. Kim Jong Un Shows Off New Drones, Ballistic Missiles During North Korea Military Parade (Watch Video)

While analyst Madden claims the explosion was "staged so that a group could steal supplies off of a truck," others speculate that the blasts may have started as a result of the continued food shortages and fear of hunger.

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