Mumbai, August 16: An individual who claims to have almost purchased a product uploaded a video to TikTok showing a live worm moving about within a box of wrapped salmon. The user, using the handle @msrachellyn, identified herself as Rachel Lyn and claimed to have purchased the fish from Costco before "immediately putting it back" after spotting the specimen.

A small white worm-like insect can be seen frantically writhing on the fresh meat in the brief video, which has stirred some controversy, according to The Mirror. Maggots Found in McDonald’s UK and KFC India Meals! McD Promises Action, KFC Refutes Allegations.

By a wide margin, Rachel, 34, of Lake Wylie, South Carolina, is not the first person to discover a worm in their Costco salmon. Many news reports about unhappy customers who had similar experiences can be found in the local news reports, including one where a store manager allegedly remarked that discovering a worm or parasite on fresh fish is "normal." In 2019, a similar occurrence happened in New Rochelle, New York.

A man in the checkout queue at the supermarket observed something writhing on the packed salmon being purchased by the woman in front of him before realising it was a worm, according to WPIX in New York City. The Costco store manager, however, allegedly stated that "it was pretty normal that salmon had a worm or parasite." Residents in Mumbai Fall Ill After Drinking Packaged Water With Worms and Contaminants.

He claimed that the lack of removal of the fish from the refrigerator cases astonished him since he had anticipated the store manager to do so. A doctor and his family even filed a lawsuit against Costco Wholesale Corp. in March 2022, claiming that the halibut they purchased from a shop in San Dimas, California, in 2021 contained live worms.

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