Mexico Arrests, Deports Migrants Who Rushed US Border in Protest
Asylum seekers escaping tear gas shelling by US border forces in Tijuana, Mexico (Photo: Twitter @_en_Mexico)

The Mexican government arrested and deported nearly 100 Central American migrants a day after they tried to storm the US border.

The group of more than 500 asylum seekers first participated in protests and then tried to rush through the police blockade and the fence that separates U.S. and Mexico. These asylum seekers were rounded up after trying to cross the border "violently" and "illegally" on Sunday, said Mexico’s interior ministry. Gerardo Garcia Benavente, from Mexico's migration office, said, "98 foreigners were returned to their country last night following the violent incident at the border post."

US border guards had to resort to using tear gas to repel the groups of people trying to storm the crossing near San Ysidro international border and said some migrants threw rocks at the guards. US officials confirmed that 42 people who managed to cross on Sunday had been arrested, accused of disturbing the peace and hit with other charges.

This situation has escalated after more than 5,000 migrants and refugees have come to the city of Tijuana, Mexico seeking asylum in the U.S. The Mexican city is not equipped with hosting such a large influx of people and the asylum process at the U.S. border point is long and tedious. Waiting time for processing of claims runs into weeks and months.

After this incident, US President Donald Trump which termed the ‘migrant caravan’ an “invasion” before the midterm elections has now threatened to permanently close the border with Mexico.

The number of those waiting in Tijuana is bound to increase as the winter months see more people making their way to the U.S. border. The migrants, who are mostly from the Central American countries of Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, say they are fleeing the threat of gang violence in their home countries and looking to make a better life for themselves.