Auckland, April 20: A mid-air journey turned into a harrowing ordeal for a passenger aboard an Air New Zealand flight en route from Indonesia to Auckland when severe turbulence caused his leg to "snap in half." Niko, a 47-year-old German residing in Bali, and his partner Sasha were embarking on a holiday to New Zealand when the incident occurred. Just 30 minutes into the seven-hour flight, Niko's trip to the bathroom was interrupted by sudden turbulence, resulting in a traumatic leg injury.

As per a report by the Mirror, despite the excruciating pain, Niko endured more than six hours in the air with his broken leg as the aircraft continued its journey with only basic pain relief available on board. The severity of his injury was evident as his friend, awaiting their arrival at Auckland Airport, described Niko's leg as "pretty much snapped in half," revealing a fractured tibia and fibula. Air New Zealand Passenger Urinates in Cup Mid-Flight, Spills It on Attendant; Faces Fines and Charges.

While there was a doctor on board the flight, the lack of adequate medical supplies meant Niko had to endure the duration of the flight in agony. The Air New Zealand crew made efforts to accommodate Niko's condition by rearranging seating to allow him to lie down for the remainder of the journey, as reported by the South China Morning Post. Upon landing in Auckland, emergency services swiftly attended to Niko's injuries, confirming the severity of the incident. Air New Zealand Flight To New York City Flies for 16 Hours, Then Takes U-Turn To Land Back in Auckland; Here's Why.

Air New Zealand acknowledged the incident, emphasising their commitment to passenger safety and well-being. The airline's protocol dictates that a flight diversion would only occur if deemed operationally feasible and if there were significant concerns about the injured individual's immediate welfare. Niko's traumatic experience underscores the unpredictability of air travel and the critical importance of onboard medical preparedness and emergency response protocols.

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