New York: 'Suspicious Package' Left at Actor Robert De Niro's Restaurant, Police Cordons Off Tribeca
Image used for representational purpose | (Photo Credits: Getty)

New York, October 25: The New York Police Department has cordoned off the Greenwich and Franklin streets in Tribeca, located in Lower Manhattan, in the early hours of Thursday as a "suspicious package" was left at actor Robert De Niro's restaurant.

The police department suspects the package to be laced with explosives, as seen in the recent parcels sent at the residents and establishments of former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, his wife and ex-Home Secretary Hillary Clinton and the offices of media house CNN, among others. CNN Shuts Office in New York Over Suspicious Package Containing Live Explosive And White Powder.

The New York police has issued a statement, asking locals to avoid passing through the Tribeca locality in Manhattan. Shops and offices in the vicinity of the restaurant have been vacated as a safety measure.

Here is the statement issued by the NYPD:

The explosive-laden suspicious packages sent to noted personalities in the last two days have a common trend -- the targets are staunch political opponents of President Donald Trump -- which makes analysts and intelligence doubt whether far-right elements are involved.

While addressing a campaign rally in Wisconsin for the upcoming US midterm elections, Trump toned down his rhetoric against the Democrats, saying "unity" in the nation is most important to safeguard democracy.

Pointing out the difference in his statements vis-a-vis his recent political attacks, the President said in a lighter note, "By the way, do you see how nice I'm behaving tonight?" he said. "Have you ever seen this?"

Notably, Trump has accused the Democrats of attempting to "fill the nation with criminal immigrants and extremist refugees". He has demanded the US electorate to hand the Republicans an overwhelming majority in the Congress, which would in-turn provide his administration full authority to implement the agenda outlined by him ahead of his ascent to power.