Pakistan Bureaucrat Caught on Camera Stealing Wallet of Kuwaiti Delegate, Watch Video
Pakistan Bureaucrat Caught on Camera Stealing Wallet of Kuwaiti Delegate (Photo credit: Twitter)

Islamabad, Sep 29: A Pakistani bureaucrat was caught on camera stealing wallet of a Kuwaiti delegate on Friday. In a CCTV footage, Investment and Facilitation Joint Secretary Zarar Haider Khan was seen stealing the wallet of the Kuwaiti delegate. The incident took place at Pakistan-Kuwait Joint Ministerial Commission meeting in Islamabad.

One of the Kuwaiti delegates complained that his wallet was missing. During the investigation, authorities were checking footages of CCTV cameras when they found Zarar Haider Khan, a grade-20 officer, picking wallet of the Kuwaiti delegate and keeping it in his pocket. Following the revelation, an FIR was lodged against Khan, and he was later arrested. Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi Makes Personal Attack On Sushma Swaraj After Snubbed at Saarc Meet.

“All officers of the Ministry of Industries and Economics Affairs Division, as well as other participants, were shocked when the head of the Kuwaiti mission complained about the incident. This is a very unfortunate development that has brought a bad name to the country as well as the officers working here,” an official of the Pakistani finance ministry, told Pakistan Today.

Pakistani officials returned the wallet and apologised to the delegate. However, the delegation left the conference in anger. An investigation was underway against Khan.