Moscow, March 17: Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has accused the West of waging hybrid warfare against his country due to the long-standing tradition of Russophobia. He believes that despite enormous pressure, Moscow will defend its vision of the world order.

According to the former President, the reason for the ever-growing anti-Russian sentiment is that Moscow has become a strong power in the world, capable of standing up for its interests and protecting its citizens abroad. He also believes the West wants to "make (Russia) weak and completely submissive. Better yet, tear it apart". Despite the enormous pressure and resistance, Medvedev says Russia is strong enough to defeat its enemies and protect its national interests. Russia Denies ‘Significant Progress’ in Talks With Ukraine.

"The frenzied Russophobia of the West, apparently, will never reach the bottom. The expansion of NATO to our borders, the economic and information war unleashed against our country on all fronts, endless threats and intimidation, the fierce persecution of our citizens abroad. All this is the reason for the extreme aggravation of the international situation that the whole world is experiencing these days," Medvedev wrote on Thursday, RT reported.

He also accused Western leaders of double standards and hypocrisy, calling their policies towards Moscow immoral and criminal. "We sincerely strived to have a good relationship with them," he said.

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