Moscow, February 9: Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that his country has repeatedly sought a peaceful solution to the problems in Ukraine since 2014, the media reported. In an interview with US media personality Tucker Carlson published today, Putin said: "We repeatedly, repeatedly offered to seek a solution to the problems that arose in Ukraine after the coup in 2014 by peaceful means. But no one listened to us. And what's more, the Ukrainian leadership, which was under full control of the US, suddenly declared that it would not fulfill the Minsk agreements, they did not like anything there, and continued military activity in this territory."

Meanwhile, the development of this territory by NATO military structures took place under the guise of various training and retraining centers for personnel, said Putin, adding that they had actually built bases there, Xinhua news agency reported. Tucker Carlson's Interview With Russian President Vladimir Putin To Be Released Soon; Check Date, Time and Other Details.

He recalled that the Ukrainian authorities adopted laws that restricted the rights of Russians. "In Ukraine, they declared that Russians are -- they passed a law -- a non-titular nation, and at the same time they adopted laws that restrict the rights of non-titular nations." Tucker Carlson-Vladimir Putin Interview: Former Fox News Host Confirms Interview With Russia President Amid Ukraine War.

"This all together caused the decision to end the war that was started by neo-Nazis in Ukraine in 2014 by armed means," the Russian president said., with an extra holiday on Monday since the festival falls on Sunday.

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