Eastern Ukraine, November 23: A 40-year-old Russian actress named Polina Menshikh was reportedly killed in a Ukrainian air strike while she was performing for her country's soldiers in a village in Donbas region of eastern Ukraine, controlled by Russia. St. Petersburg theatre where Menshikh worked confirmed her death. As per reports she was killed during a live performance when the building was suddenly struck. A chilling video has surfaced online capturing the final moments of the Russian actor.

The details of the incident could not be verified but both the nations confirmed that an attack was allegedly conducted by Ukraine on Sunday, November 19, reported Reuters. In the chilling video that has surfaced online,  Polina Menshikh can be seen singing on the stage with a guitar at celebrations for a Russian military holiday. The happy event turned into a horrific scene when the building is suddenly struck. The impact came with a deafening explosion, making the building quiver intensely. Amidst the confusion, the lights suddenly goes out and the whole area is shrouded in darkness. In the end, the air resonates with the unsettling echoes of the distressed people. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky Claims He Survived Five Assassination Attempts Ordered by Russian President Vladimir Putin, Says First Was 'Very Interesting'.

According to reports from Russia HIMARS missiles struck a school and cultural centre in a village in the Donetsk region (37 miles from the front line). The Russian defence ministry refused to comment on the attack, reported the media outlet. Ukraine commanders reported that its forces had conducted an operation and struck what they said was a Russian military award ceremony, specifically targeting Russia's the 810th Separate Naval Infantry Brigade. Russia-Ukraine War: Ukrainian Multiple Missiles Shot Down Over Crimea Bridge, Says Russian Official.

Video Captures Moments of Attack:

Ukraine reportedly called it "revenge for the 128th" reference to the recent attack by Russian forces this month on troops from Ukraine's 128th Separate Mountain Assault Brigade, resulting in the reported loss of 19 soldiers from the brigade. Russia, on the other hand urged its cultural leaders to visit the site to show solidarity with the troops.

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