North Lanarkshire, Saturday (February 25): A five-year-old girl in North Lanarkshire, Scotland, on Monday (February 13). The family is restless not only because the little one has passed away but also her sudden demise.

According to a report published in the Mirror, Isabella Grace Docherty, also known as Bella, was feeling sick, after which she collapsed and was taken to a hospital. However, the little girl passed away.

Her mother, Pamela Little, said her daughter's post-mortem reports are inconclusive. Therefore, she is going to wait for furth test results.

She also informed me that Bella only vomited once, which did not raise much concern for the family. However, the girl could not sleep and collapsed at 4 am on February 13. She was taken to Wishaw General Hospital. Paramedics and doctors tried their best to save the girl. However, they couldn't. UK Shocker: Woman Pleads Guilty for Stabbing Lover 29 Times, Trying To 'Saw His Head Off' With Bread Knife.

Last year doctors discovered an abnormality on Bella's brain stem. They confirmed it with an MRI scan and were sure it was not life-threatening. UK Shocker: Woman Out on Walk With Dog Trampled to Death by Herd of Cows in Lancashire.

Her parents do not believe it to be the reason for their daughter's death.

Pamela added: "She has some issues with her brain, but nothing that we were told to be worried about.

"Her behaviour had suddenly changed after she had chicken pox last summer, so she had ct scans and an MRI, and they had said there was an abnormality on her brain stem, but it wasn't life-threatening.

"Doctors said it could have been something she was born with.

"They didn't know exactly what it was, and now they may never find out.

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