Sydney, April 20: In a devastating incident off the coast of Western Australia, a 26-year-old skipper with a profound love for the ocean was fatally attacked by a shark. The tragedy occurred just days after the youth had embarked on his dream job, piloting the luxury charter boat Matrix.

The Daily Mail reported that while snorkelling near the Abrolhos Islands, approximately 500km north of Perth, Geoffrey Brazier was attacked by what is believed to have been a Great White shark. The six-metre predator attacked Brazier in full view of passengers and crew aboard the Matrix, anchored at Wreck Point on Pelseart Island.  Shark Attack in Australia: Three Sailors Plucked to Safety After Sharks Tear Chunks of Their Catamaran off Queensland Coast (See Pics).

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that witnesses saw the shark bite Brazier in half as he swam close to the vessel. Despite the immediate horror of the situation, the onlookers could do nothing as the ocean turned a grim shade of red.

Brazier's remains were not recovered following the attack, leaving his family and friends in mourning. His father, Geoffrey Snr, expressed his son's deep connection with the sea, stating that Brazier "died doing what he loved most." He reminisced about his son's lifelong passion for boating, surfing, diving, and sailing—a passion that Brazier had successfully turned into a career. Shark Attack in Australia: Woman Suffers Serious Leg Injury After Being Attacked by Bull Shark in Sydney, in Stable Condition.

Rod Plug, a friend and fellow swimmer, recounted the moments leading up to the attack. He noted that he had been swimming near Brazier but did not witness the attack itself due to a leaking mask. This incident marks the third fatal shark attack in Western Australia in a span of just over four years, raising concerns about marine safety in the region.

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