Shocking! Brighton Couple Broke 28 Bones of Their Four-Month-Old Baby Boy; Jailed for 8 Years
Accused Aleksandra Kopinska and Adam Jendrzejczak (Photo Credits: Sussex Police)

A recent incident has shaken the headlines at England. A couple in Brighton have been abusing their four-month-old child for a very long time, and the exploit was so harsh, that the tod fractured about 28 bones in his body. The pair further reportedly lied to the doctors about the baby boy’s suffering and the causes of these horrific injuries. The case was heard at UK’s Hove Crown Court where the judge Christine Henson described the injuries as “truly appalling.” Now the Brighton couple has been jailed for eight years. US Bus Driver Saves Baby Running Barefoot on Milwaukee Pavement in Freezing Temperatures. 

It was in February 2017, when the case first came into the forefront after the kid with a broken left arm was taken to the Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital in Brighton, reports Mirror. After the hospital staff completed a skeletal X-ray, they identified 27 added fractures to the child’s body, which included multiple ribs, knee and ankle fractures. Experts in paediatric medicine discovered that the fracture was being caused between four and six weeks before the child was presented to the hospital. The police immediately arrested the child’s parents—Aleksandra Kopinska and Adam Jendrzejczak who claimed that the child had tripped on a raised corner of the carpet. Woman Diagnosed With Throat Tumour; Doctors Shocked to Find Two-Inch-Long Leech Inside it. 

Meanwhile, the child was taken to the police protection and placed into the care of the local authority until a suitable home was found for him. At the trial, both admitted to lying to the doctors about when the child’s arm was broken and accepted that it was days before the tod was taken to the hospital. The medical experts eventually provided evidence of how the injuries could have been caused. Jenny Pietersen was quoted in the same media outlet as saying, “This is a really sad case of child abuse against a vulnerable young child who at four months old was helpless and defenceless. We worked closely with the local authority and medical professionals to ensure that the child was safe and prevented any further suffering.”

Judge Henson as quoted by the Daily Mail concluded as saying, “This was a gross abuse of trust. The baby had no abnormality or diseases which could have led to these injuries. They were non-accidental, they were deliberately caused and required significant force to inflict. They would have caused immense pain. That pain would have been obvious to both of you. The injuries you caused were truly appalling and showed wicked cruelty towards a tiny baby, almost beyond belief.”