Mumbai, August 8: In a bizarre incident, a 52-year-old man named Vict Lim Siong Hock took drastic measures of locking up nine former colleagues within the office premises after being fired from his company in Singapore in September of last year. The sole entrance to the workplace was padlocked by Lim, effectively trapping these employees inside, as reported by Channel News Asia (CNA). Recently, Lim admitted his guilt in court, acknowledging one count of wrongful confinement. Additionally, he faced another charge for sending an abusive message to a former colleague. He was also fined $2,983 (equivalent to Rs 2.47 lakh) for his acts.

The CNA, citing court documents, reported that it was disclosed that Lim commenced his role as a driver and logistics assistant at an electronics company located within Pantech Business Hub in the latter part of May 2022. He officially started his duties on July 1, 2022, adhering to a work schedule from 8 am to 5 pm, inclusive of a designated one-hour lunch break. However, his employment was concluded on August 30, 2022, before completing the probationary period. Singapore: Man Gets Three Months Jail for Racially Insulting and Kicking Indian-Origin Woman in 2021.

After being let go from his position, Lim went out and brought a padlock from a hardware store to seal off the only entry point to his previous workplace. This action was a direct result of his bitterness towards the termination, as stated in court records. On September 1, 2022, at approximately 2:20 pm, Lim returned to the office premises and used the padlock to secure the entrance door. Lim mentioned that he presumed his former colleagues were currently engaged in their lunch breaks, and it was his belief that "likely all of them" had departed from the office. 'Italy’s Worst Employee': Female Teacher Who Avoided Work for 20 Years Using Sick Leave Sacked.

However, the lunch breaks were intentionally spaced out to guarantee the presence of at least one employee within the office premises at all times. Roughly 10 minutes after Lim had locked the entrance, a staff member tried to leave the office for a restroom visit but encountered a locked door. Following this, the company was forced to call up a locksmith, whose service cost them $60. The owner then filed a police report against Lim, whose actions were caught on CCTV.

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