Razikul Rasel is a Bangladeshi Entrepreneur and musical artist. He is a 24 years of age youthful and enthusiastic individual who is forming freelancing too. Razikul Rasel was born on 24 Dec1997 in Rajshahi city of Bangladesh

When he was born his parents want that he become a great lawyer. He took admission to his hometown school for early education. His parents worked hard for him to study and bearing their study needs. From childhood, he developed his interests in business and singing. His dream was to become a businessman, singing was adopted just for part-time passion.

From college life, he developed abilities to use computers. He also took interest in graphic designing and web networking. Soon in college,  He made two big companies in college life. This helps him to set up his business and making money.

Now Razikul Rasel is a youth icon. He has massive popularity on social media. His “Musician & Entrepreneur” career both are inspiring for the youth. He is a multi-talented entrepreneur who is giving a fruitful contribution to the world with his extraordinary expertise in different fields.

He has a distinct position among other music artist, Graphic designers, and writers. His achievements are an inspiration for the young ones who are struggling to achieve their goals and target career. Through freelancing, he is supporting a huge population as he provided them to work from home and fulfill his livelihood. He is also supporting his family.