London, November 7: A plane carrying two missing windows took off from Stansted Airport in London and made an emergency landing back in Essex when a crew member noticed the problem. When the incident occurred on October 4, there were nine passengers and eleven crew members on board. High-powered lights used during a filming event were the culprit, according to a report by the Independent.

According to the Air Accidents Investigation Branch, there may have been "more serious consequences" from the incident. Examining revealed that two windowpanes were missing in the plane, and the remaining two were crooked. The scratch pane, a piece of plastic designed to prevent passengers from contacting the outer panes, was the only item occupying the vacant area between the missing windowpanes. Mobile Phone Blast in Air India Plane! AI Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Udaipur After Passenger's Cell Phone Explodes After Take-Off, Say Reports.

Titan Airways reportedly operated the aircraft, which was utilised by the upscale travel company TCS World Travel, based in the United States. The incident happened the day after the plane was used to shoot a film on the ground, and bright lights were set up close to it to give the impression that it was dawning. This is according to an initial account. Before switching to the left side for four hours, they flashed the lights on the aircraft's right side for nearly five and a half hours. The AAIB said that the lights might be set as near as 10 metres from what they were lighting, but in reality, they were six to nine metres from the broken windows.

Every passenger sat in the centre of the plane for the journey. A crew member approached the back of the aircraft after takeoff, and the seatbelt indicator was deactivated. They noticed that the seal around one of the windows was "flapping," according to the AAIB. After telling others, it was agreed to head back to the airport, where it made a safe landing. Noteworthy, the aircraft reached 14,500 feet in the air, and according to the report, "the cabin had remained pressurised normally." Air China Flight Makes Emergency Landing on Singapore Airport Runway After Plane’s Engine Catches Fire, Video Shows Cabin Filled With Smoke and Terrified Passengers.

Additionally, according to the government agency, the area surrounding the broken or missing windows showed that the windowpanes were "deformed and shrunken" and that the foam that held them in place had either melted or disappeared.

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