London, December 30: A pet dog of a banned breed mauled its owner and tore off his genitals in a gruesome attack. The incident happened in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, last October. The man, who was not named, needed eight stitches in his groin and 32 in his arms. His partner Lynsey Kelly was also bitten by the 44-kg American XL Bully dog, named Envie, on her leg. The couple kept quiet about the attack until recently.

As per the report published by the Sun, on October 10, the pet American XL Bully dog launched a vicious attack on its owners. The dog ripped off the man's genitals and also inflicted serious injuries on the woman. The woman managed to lock the dog in a room and escape via a bedroom window before being rushed to hospital herself. Dog Attack in UK: Woman Mauled By Her Roommate's Boyfriend's XL Bully in Her Own Home in Hull.

“He was on the floor screaming ‘it’s got my b*****ks’,” Kelly told the Sun. She said her partner had tried to play with Envie by throwing a stick, but the dog grabbed his arm and then his crotch. She managed to lock the dog in a room and call an ambulance. The doctors performed an emergency surgery to reattach his testicles. Kelly is still healing from her injuries. She has suffered from an infection in her bite marks for weeks.

The dog Envie was put down after the attack, according to the Sun. The news comes just before a new law banning XL Bully dogs comes into effect. It will start on Sunday, CNN reported, after the UK government announced it in September following a surge in fatal attacks by the breed. The breed was added to the list of dogs prohibited in England and Wales under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 in September. UK Dog Attack: Cops Shoot 'Dangerous' Canines Dead After Two Aggressive Pitbulls Attack Man and His Pet Dog in Sheffield.

Under the new law, owners have until February 1 to register their dogs, as it will be illegal to own a dog of that breed in England and Wales without a certificate of exemption.

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