London, January 28: A man in UK is considering legal action against hospital authorities after his 48-year-old wife died from stage IV cervical cancer due to doctors misdiagnoses. The doctors at Shrewsbury hospital wrongly classified a smear test that revealed severe cell changes as normal, an investigation carried out by NHS trust confirmed. Kerry Pugh breathed her last in June 2022 after she was told her results came back normal, despite her ongoing experience of bleeding.

In 2017, the mother-of-three hailing from Shrewsbury began encountering distressing symptoms, notably instances of bleeding during sexual activities, reported New York Post. Following this, she underwent treatment at the hospital. However, the medical experts at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital could not give a definitive explanation for the source of the bleeding. UK's Thetford Museum Gets About 200k Pound Grant to Mark the Legacy of Punjab's Last Maharajah.

The following year, she experienced similar symptoms, including irregular bleeding, eventually leading to pain in her coccygeal bone. Shortly after this, she went for another check up and was diagnosed with stage IV cervical cancer. She had developed a large invasive tumour measuring 8 cm x 5cm x 5cm, an MRI report confirmed.

The doctors at the hospital informed her that she could not undergo a surgery due to the enormous size of the tumour. On the other hand, she underwent a surgical procedure to implant a stoma, subsequently receiving a course of radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Eventually, she died in 2022 at the age of 48 after a long battle with cancer. UK Shocker: Teacher Killed After Cow Escapes Farm, Goes Into 'Fight Mode' and Tosses Her Over Gate in Northumberland; Farmer Pleads Guilty for Health and Safety Breach.

The NHS Trust for Shrewsbury and Telford Hospitals, examined the 2018 test results and carried out an audit following her death. The probe revealed that despite originally being reported as normal, the sample showed significant cell abnormalities. In response to this, her husband Steven Pugh hired medical negligence lawyer Irwin Mitchell to investigate whether the hospital could have detected her cancer at an earlier stage. Steven is also considering taking legal action against the hospital authorities, and urges women to be aware of the signs of cervical cancer, which is often diagnosed at late stages.

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