London, December 31: In a bizarre incident at London Gatwick Airport, a British traveller reached the peak of impatience, threatening to "poo" on the airport's baggage conveyor belt after an extended delay in retrieving his luggage. Witnesses captured the scene as the impatient man unleashed a verbal tirade, threatening to defecate on the conveyor belt if his baggage didn't arrive promptly. The incident, which occurred recently, has set a new benchmark for airport drama.

According to a report from the New York Post, the unidentified man shouted into the carousel, attempting to communicate with baggage handlers. Frustrated by the delay, he boldly declared, "We are waiting! If you don't hurry up, I will go poo on the f***ing trail!" The fed-up traveller waited for around 15-20 minutes before climbing onto the conveyor belt and repeating his threat to defecate in public. UK Shocker: Lancaster Man Gets Trapped Inside Cave at Kong Adventure in Keswick, Sucumbs To 'Crush Injuries' Days Later; Investigation Underway.

As per the report, fellow traveller Robyn Hobson captured the hilarious meltdown on video, describing it as "one of the funniest things" she had ever seen. The footage shows the man's escalating frustration, culminating in his triumphant joy when his luggage finally emerged on the conveyor belt. In a surprising turn, the small suitcase he had vehemently waited for became the first to make its entrance. "It's number one!" he exclaimed, grabbing his small suitcase and dancing with glee. UK Shocker: Man Gropes Woman, Sexually Assaults Her While Trapped Inside Train During Four-Hour-Long Blackout at Paddington Station in London, Held (Watch Videos).

The absurdity of the situation was not lost on other passengers, with some questioning why the man didn't use the overhead locker for his compact bag. The video has since gained attention online, leaving viewers both amused and bewildered by the traveller's unconventional response to a delayed baggage situation at the airport. The exact date of the incident remains unknown, but the peculiar scene has undoubtedly added a unique chapter to the annals of airport anecdotes.

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