Mumbai, February 17: A family in Leicester, UK has been left absolutely heartbroken after a 10-month-old baby girl died while in the bath. The deceased baby Sara Moosa was in the bath with her two brothers when the horror unfolded. The baby girl drowned in just five inches of water after a toy blocked the plug hole, filling the tub with water, the report said. Chennai Shocker: Tragedy Strikes Virugambakkam Family on Pongal As Infant Drowns to Death in Bucket of Water.

The horrifying incident took place in August last year. It was when the mother was giving baths to Sara and her twin brothers when one of the boys asked for a toy. The mother had left the tap running without the plug so the tub does not get full. Sara's mother went to get the toy but when she returned, the infant was lying on her side in the bath with her face under the water. Reportedly, another toy got stuck in the plug causing the water to fill up the tub. Madhya Pradesh Shocker: Three-Month-Old Baby Dies of Pneumonia After ‘Healer’ Brands Her With Hot Iron Rod 51 Times in Shahdol.

The family members immediately called 999 emergency and were told to perform CPR on Sara to get her heart beating again. Soon, a paramedic arrived at the doorstep and took Sara to a hospital. All in vain as they could not save litter Sara. A post-mortem was carried out which said that she had died from drowning.

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