England, February 28: The scars of the Covid-19 pandemic are as much fresh as its repercussions. A case on the same lines has been solved in Hatfield. A young mother, 32, had suffered a seizure after her dialysis treatment. When she had another attack, she was rushed to Watford General Hospital.

A mother of a six-year-old girl child, Emma Currell, was attended by a trainee doctor Saba Syed, who did not administer appropriately. Instead of putting a pipe in her trachea, the windpipe, she put it in her oesophagus, a food pipe.

Ultimately, she suffered a cardiac arrest. She was declared dead then and there on September 05, 2020, when Covid cases were surging across the globe. UK Shocker: Man Collapses at PureGym in London, Dies 46 Minutes Later After Efforts To Revive Him Fail.

Emma was bleeding profusely as her tongue swelled up, and the doctor could not put the pipe in the right place. The matter is in court now. According to a report published in the Mirror, Dr Sabu Syed, a trainee anaesthetist, told the hearing: “Initially, the tongue was incredibly swollen and a lot of blood was coming from the mouth. I used suction to remove the blood, pushed the tongue to the side, and got a partial view.”

She, in fact, asked senior doctors to check if she had done the right task, but the situation in the hospital was hectic due to Covid. She asked Dr Prasun Mukherjee to check the position of the pipe. Scotland: Five-Year-Old Girl Suddenly Collapses and Dies, Mother Awaits Answers As Postmortem Report Comes Back Inconclusive.

"Dr Mukhejee was busy doing other tasks. I had a look myself. Unfortunately, her tongue was more swollen,” she said.

The hospital accepts that the tube was initially in the wrong place, and Dr Mukherjee said action should have been taken sooner.

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